“History of Mathematics and Teaching of Matematics 2016”

Teacher training students on “History of Mathematics and Teaching of Matematics 2016" Summer University and Conference in Eger între 18-22 mai 2016

Summer University

Central European Contributions to the History of Mathematics

organized by the Institute of Mathematics of Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences

in the framework of the CEEPUS Network HU-0028-09-1516 , Eger, May 16- May 24.


Preliminary Program of the Intensive Course and Series of Special Lectures

The scientific topics of the intensive course and series of invited lectures cover the aspects of the History of Mathematics, including its impact on the Teaching of Mathematics, to provide a forum to meet each other.

Content of the Intensive Course

Scheduled 16th may to 19th May 2016. (2 hours lectures each title)

  1. Introducing the basic notions and problems of the research in the  History of Mathematics.
  2. Integration of study and research, documentation in the History of Mathematics.
  3. The available resources in research
  4. Analysing the structure of the available databases
  5. How to write a good biography for a mathematician
  6. Presenting the MacTutor History of Mathematics – history of the database
  7. Analysing the structure and content of the materials of the MacTutor History Archive related to the Central Euroean Area, and the countries of the participants
  8. Studies and materials available at Debrecen University
  9. Analysing the Tudóstár database promoted by the Technical University in Budapest
  10. Aspect reflected by the European Mathematical Society database.
  11. Application of the course outcomes.
  12. Student presentations
  13. Plans for the future  
  14. Possibilities for the follow up of the results of the intensive course in partner universities.

Series of Invited Special Lectures

Scheduled for 19-22 May 2016. (30 minutes-1 hour lectures)

  1. Edmund Robertson (St Andrews): MacTutor History of Mathematics Achive as primary reference in the History of Mathematics,
  2. Klukovits Lajos (Szeged): Problems and Methods in Diophantus’ Arithmetica.
  3. Michael Lambrou (Rethymno): : The Intriguing Story of a Theorem of Classical Geometry from Antiquity to Oblivion and Rediscovery
  4. Nagy Dénes (Melbourne-Budapest): János Bolyai in the U.S., Japan, Australia, Russia.
  5. Nagy Dénes (Melbourne-Budapest): On geometric style of thinking in “small countries” vs. the algebraic style of thinking in the “big countries”.
  6. Tünde Kántor (Debrecen): History of the Honour Doctoral Awarding at the University of Debrecen (1912-2013)
  7. Saeed Seyed Agha Banihashemi (Teheran): The role of history of mathematics in mathematics education
  8. Josef Molnar (Olomouc), Péter Körtesi (Miskolc): Bolyai in Olomouc
  9. Kántor Sándor (Debrecen): Academicians teaching in secondary schools, source for the History of Mathematics
  10. Dirk Huylebrouck (Leuven): Leonardo was not a Mathematical Genius
  11. Gyöngyösi Erika (Sárospatak): Eternal values in a changing world
  12. Munkácsy Katalin (Budapest): The role of student projects
  13. Körtesi Péter (Miskolc): The Kerékjártó project
  14. Hujter Mihály (Budapest): The História-Tudósnaptár database
  15. Oláhné Téglási Ilona (Eger): Visulaity & Mathematics – Experimental Education of Mathematics through Visual Arts, Sciences and Playful Activities
  16. Hoffmann Miklós (Eger): How sharp is a curve - differential geometry in primary and secondary schools
  17. Tuska Ágnes (Fresno): GeoGebra projects
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