ovodapedaFrom the 2012/2013 academic year Partium Christian University started Teacher Training Courses in accordance with the University's strategical plan. Assuming the fact that teachers’ training in Oradea has always been a traditional, PCU’s mission is to restore the actually Hungarian teachers’ training in the town. Our aim is to develop a complex and high-level training with high-quality teaching activities, scientific research suitable to the European quality standards. We guarantee this through our highly skilled, Hungarian-speaking professors who are dedicated for scientific work and for educational activities, too.

Our training is designed to develop specialists who are proficient in the humanities and sciences and have pedagogical and methodological skills as well. In the same time, at the end of their courses our students will be capable of effective everyday teaching practice.


Job opportunities

Thanks to the constantly growing number of public and private nurseries and kindergartens a new phenomenon is manifesting all over the country: the increasing interest in the Teachers’ Training College. The jobs mentioned before must be filled with qualified specialists.

Our qualified students will be able to work in the following areas:

  • pre-school and elementary education;
  • public education and university-level education (after completing a master's degree );
  • social institutions;
  • adult education institutions;
  • educational and talent management foundations etc.


Other Qualifying Opportunities:

BA students can continue with master's level education. They can follow studies for broader pedagogical and methodological skills which will lead them toward secondary and high-school teaching career. The most excellent students have the opportunities to complete PhD-courses through the university’s partnerships.