Type of training: three years' full-time

tanitas Rl The number of places: 25 state-funded, 10 not funded.

Admission score consists of:

Disqualifying exam: communication abilities and skills - interview 

  • 50% - Baccalaureate grade point average 
  • 50% - baccalaureate grade: Hungarian language and literature

Tuition fee in the 2019–2020 academic year: 300 euros/year

Disqualifying exam: communication abilities and skills - interview 

Candidates could prove their communication abilities and skills, diction, empathy in the conversation about the chosen profession.

The results will be posted on the day of the conversation.

Dates                                    pke oszi felveteli 2019 plakat web 01      

Enrolment: 12-21 July

Disqualifying exam: 22-23 July

Results, registration: 22-27 July

Appeals: within 48 hours of publishing the results

What can you study?

Basic courses:
• general psychology;
• developmental psychology;
• the pedagogy of playing;
• Hungarian language, literature and children's literature;
• Romanian language, literature and children's literature;
• arithmetic;
• music, etc.

Optional courses:
• alternative pedagogies;
• differentiated pedagogy;
• management of educational projects;
• drama and theatre in education.

Employment opportunities:
• pre-school and elementary education;
• social and adult education institutions;
• educational and talent management tasks at foundations.